Monday, 12 September 2011


i am told not to do so many things, you have to try, to learn to live. its the only way to breath, you must keep trying till you gasp you last breath, but who are you trying for? its not you, it was never you who controlled me, im not me, i am unknowing, i will do what i want to do no matter how much it hurts you. it is me and you cant stop that. you are not the only one who can try. this is me, my identity so stop. stop in your tracks before you get hurt. you cant pull me down any further i am at the bottom. i made myself perfect for all of  you and what you wanted me to be. but i am not that when you pulled me down u left somthing, the most importanat thing to me. hope. i am reconstructing who i am and who im gunna be from the peices you left, and ya know what ? im a better stronger person than you will ever be. i have talent, i have more talent than you. iknow i do, i dont have to show people and make a big deal about it. take it as a complement that i did the same. take it as a complement that i twisted my words around my finger not to hurt       you.    not anymore. nothing can influance me now, i am my own inspiration.

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