Saturday, 18 February 2012

this is my way.

this is my way of getting over you.

my heart is always gunna have a small part that loves you, you have forever scarred me. i cant hate you because you never ment to lead me on, you never ment to rip my heart out. i dont use the word love lightly. ive never said it and truely meant it but i think i did , i think i do love you.

you love her.

shes my best friend.

she loves you.

i cant be the one holding you back from eachother.
i belive in true love and what if shes yours.

your my best friend.

so is she.

i love you both so much. she is the most amazing girl in the world but she dosnt see it. i see it, you see it.

make her see it.

love eachother.

be together because i dont care. im slowly getting over you.

i dont love you anymore. you are my past now. you are my friend. like you said,

             thats how its meant to be.

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